Searching for an old car-game I played in the 90's
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In the 90's I borrowed a demo-CD from a friend, who had a car combat-like game, where you drove around in a futuristic environment. The game was a demo, so it only had one level and only one car. The only mission that was available was where one had to collect two pieces of a device located in two different parts of the map. Most of the stuff was blue.

The setting was like this: You drove around in a futuristic enviroment. There were no enemies, no stuff to do except find the two devices (I think it was because it was a demo). The car was hovering and it was blue. The roads were these highway-platforms you drove on. I remember that you started in a garage of sorts, where if you drove forward, you would have to drive left or right. If you drove left, you would still drive on the highway-platforms, however if you went right, you would end up in a city of some sorts. The car one drove looked like a blue taxi. And there was a radar in the car, that directed one to each of the devices in order. I remember that one of the devices was placed at the edge of a highway-platform road that stopped. You couldn't go any further. After you picked up both devices, the game would stop and it would tell you to buy it.
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It could be Quarantine or its sequel.
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oh man. HOVER. for sure. YouTube
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the demo came with new copies of Windows 95 back then. I always wanted to get the full version but never did!
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Response by poster: Sadly its not Hover or Quarantine :(
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Oh shit I remember this too. I feel like you were in a prison colony or something but I'm not sure.
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Pretty positive it isn't this, but you made me think of MegaRace for the first time in years.
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Some of those elements sound like Spectre VR... By "starting in a garage", do you mean that at the beginning of a game you had the option of customizing your car by speed, armor, etc?
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Response by poster: Its not Spectre VR. I don't know if you could customize the car, because the version I played was a demo. The garage that I mentioned earlier was just the place you started. I don't know if it had any function in the full game, but in the demo it didn't do anything.
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cyberrace? Though I guess that's more red than blue...
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Was the gameplay shown from a top-down perspective or did it look like you were sitting in the car?
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Response by poster: Sorry, its not Cyberrace :(

pmbuko: You could see the car from two perspectives: From inside the car and from behind - A little bit high up so you can see where you're driving.
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It's not Interstate 76 (pics) or the followup, Interstate 82 (more pics)? Not exactly futuristic, they were sort of an alt-apocalypse setting, but maybe..
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Your question made me stay awake last night trying to remember. I also played this (probably on my brand new Pentium100). The handling of the car was bouncy, a lot of the challenge was avoiding bouncing off the edge of the raised highways. I have no idea what it was called, and my web searches have come to nothing.
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Best answer: Sounds like Zone Raiders.
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Is it a twisted metal demo?
They made a lot of those games.
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Best answer: I think Tool of the Conspiracy has it - Zone Raiders. This playthrough on youtube is the game I remember.
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Response by poster: Yes! It was Zone Raiders! Thanks to all of you for all your help :)
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Woohoo! My first successful "what was this game/song/movie?" response, and it was even one that other people had attempted. I too played only the demo, which I probably got from a PC Gamer disc.
One of the top Google hits is a page offering a download of the full game... (I think it's against the rules for me to link to it.)
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