Weird Jacket that slid ur phone into your hand.
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I read this a LONG time ago, a jacket where you could snap ur wrist (or some other hand geuster/movement) and it cause ur phone (stored in the sleeve) to drop right into ur hand. It was awesome if slightly risky and I'd like to take a look at it again. Anyone know of it? Or something similar?
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I don't think this is exactly what you are referring to, but I enjoy any reason to post it.

I can't find his original upload and it is driving me crazy. The iPad one is even better.
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I vaguely remember this associated with the last cool phone Nokia made, the 8110 from the mid 90s?, the one where the keyboard slid down to expose the screen and keyboard. Oddly, I don't remember it having that ugly aerial.

Anyway, I don't think it was a jacket so much as a sleeve holster which delivered the phone to your hand. I've seen the same thing in a couple of films where people have small concealed handgun up their sleeves like this. In real life they seem to be associated with the kind of men who one suspects ought to get out more, the video is quite funny at about 20 seconds. EDIT I retract the snark, he is obviously doing a "Taxi Driver" spoof.
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Best answer: Some of my and the good doctor's ACRNM outerwear (like the CH-J31 or GT-J18F) have GravityPockets that allow items zipped into those sleeves to drop into the palm of your hand.
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