Reclaimed Wool Felt Bags
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Other than Ibex and Cargabags, who is making clean, simple, nontwee, non "crafty" bags from recycled or reclaimed wool felt?

200 pages of results at Etsy show lots of things that look handmade or have giant flowers in bright colors or handworked overstitching or other crafty detailing, which I do not find at all appealing. I have found only a few with the clean look I prefer.

I don't have very specific requirements, other than a secure closure, but I'm just trying to get some options to make up my mind. I'd prefer something more like a purse or "man bag" than a messenger bag and definitely not a tote bag or shopping bag. I usually don't carry much more than a wallet, pill box, keys and my phone, but it's nice to have the option to carry a little more (like a snack and my Kindle, but not like shoes and a laptop)
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I like Josh Jakus's Actual bags. Here's one.
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There's this awesome thing, but it doesn't look like it's available yet.
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