Where to buy an Arduino kit in Portland
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Where can I buy an Arduino kit in Portland, Oregon today? Ideally, this would be a kit for a beginner which comes with sensors, project ideas, etc. Google-fu has failed. I would also consider the Raspberry Pi, but Arduino sounds like the thing.
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Radio Shack has boards and kits.
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Radio Shack also has books with project idears, but you might be better off looking at Powell's for a book about Arduino, in the computers/technology section (electronics subsection). Make Magazine has one. The Shack also has some off-brand microcontrollers I've never heard of, but which could, for all I know, be awesome.

There are several models of Arduino, so you might want to do some research on that first. I'd go to Make Magazine's Arduino-tagged blog and Instructables.com's arduino tags and even Popular Science's Arduino projects-- I like the atomic clock.
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Oregon Electronics who used to be Norvac in Beaverton. I guess there's also an electronics place on Burnside and FreeGeek might have some in stock as well.
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Not directly on point, but you might also consider visiting a Dorkbot PDX meeting, every other Monday evening at Backspace near Chinatown. (Next meeting is 5/6, I believe.) You'll meet a lot of people who are interested in microcontrollers, homebrew electronics, 3D printing, and similar topics; many who are extremely accomplished hackers; and you'll almost certainly find help and answers for any problems you run into.
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Control Voltage on Mississippi has them. This is literally the third time today I have told someone to go to Control Voltage for something. I don't work for them I just think they are super cool.
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You'll want the Arduino Uno and make sure you have the right USB cable (or that your kit comes with one). I've noticed that many kits do not include the cable. Just something to look out for.
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