Why is my laptop now choosy about sockets and what do I do about it?
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My Acer 5742 has become choosy about which plug sockets it will charge from. Why? Do I need a new battery?

I am running an Acer 5742 laptop in the UK (various places in my university). The battery and laptop are about 3 years old. The battery holds very little charge now but I haven't ever replaced it because I can always plug it in where I need to use it.

Lately the laptop has refused to charge at all the plugs in a certain room - "that room" of my university. It still charges fine at home, and in another room of the university.

I don't think it's the charger because I have two chargers, and I experience the same problem in "that room" with either charger. At home and in the other room, charging works with either charger. So I'm guessing it's the battery or something to do with the sockets in "that room", or some combination of the two. I was recently able to charge my laptop in "that room" - so something has happened recently.

Can someone tell me why this might be happening? And, what do I do about it? I could avoid "that room", but if the laptop is soon going to stop charging everywhere because of the battery then I think it would make sense to buy a new battery.
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Best answer: Some questions I would ask myself if I was you... Are the sockets actually live? Do other devices draw power from them? Is there something about those sockets that differs them from the ones that do work? Do you have to stretch your power cable? Does the power connector pull at the socket when you're in that room? (Perhaps the laptop socket is faulty and the connector needs to be inserted in a very particular way.) Is the room haunted?
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help popcassady. I just found out that the electrics in "that room" are out of order for certain sockets so I don't need to get a new battery and I can wrap this up.
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check your circuit breaker (the switches don't always (or usually) map 1 to 1, switch-to-room...ie your living room outlets might be on the 'kitchen' circuit) look for the one switch that says 'off' and switch it back.
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