I can't dance to that!!!
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Please recommend me a good song for the father-daughter dance at the wedding!!!

I am desperate, and need suggestions yesterday!

My daughter is getting married in May. This afternoon, she is meeting with the DJ to set a song list for the reception. This includes the music for the now-obligatory father-daughter dance. So, last night, at the 11th hour, my daughter started asking me which songs I'd like to dance to. Thing is, the suggestions she was providing were all of these treacly, syrupy, over-the-top-schmaltzy country ballads...I Loved Her First, My Little Girl, Butterfly Kisses...You get the idea.

Anyone have suggestions for good father-daughter dance songs that can still be slow danced to but not sound so gooey and twangy? One caveat...My daughter isn't too alt, so Yo La Tengo, for instance, probably isn't gonna fly.

Many thanks!
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I danced with my dad to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.
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Stardust Memories, the classic Willie Nelson version.
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I once saw a father/daughter dance to The Beatles - Let It Be.
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A friend danced to Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground-Willie Nelson and it was lovely.
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Paul Simon's Father and Daughter is an awesome song. Touching but not schmaltzy. I'll let you decide its dancability factor.
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"The Way You Look Tonight" is nice - I like the Tony Bennett version, but the Frank Sinatra and Steve Tyrell versions are nice too.

"Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder is sweet, as is "My Girl" by either The Temptations or Otis Redding.
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Landslide by fleetwood Mac is sometimes sng by Stevie Nicks for her dad.
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My dad and I (and my husband and his mom) danced to Sam Cooke's "Nothing Can Change This Love."
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Werewolves of London
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My dad and I danced to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World."
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A friend of mine and her dad danced to the Doris Day version of Que Sera, Sera.
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Response by poster: Not meaning to threadsit, but...I've cried more this morning than I have in ages, just going through the possibilities. I'm dreading the wedding day.

Carry on, please. You guys are doing great!
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Seconding 'Nothing Can Change This Love' (and, combining the parent/child dances)
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I'm a showtune person, so I would suggest "Sunrise, Sunset" even if you aren't Jewish.
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My Dad and I used, "My Girl," by the Temptations. It's pretty fast and upbeat, and it allowed my Dad to show off some skills. It really worked for us.
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This may be a radical idea, but - is going "funny" an option? My father and I are not sentimental types, and he is always prone to trying to puncture tense or sentimental moments with a joke - so I've resolved that if I ever do have a wedding, I'm going to pick some slow-ish but unexpectedly un-wedding-ish song (most likely She Caught The Katy as he's also a Blues fan). If you and your daughter are both amenable to tweaking people's expectations, maybe some silly song that you both like would be fun.

("The Chicken Dance" would also be good for this, but you asked for slow.)
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We used "My Girl" too and it was great. FYI I recommend that you have the dj cut it short, which we did, because no matter what song you pick it will feel awkward after a while.
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She's a Rainbow

You have to find a good cover version, like this one from Arcade Fire, because the stop-start original makes it hard to dance to.
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My dad took dancing lessons so he could dance with me at my wedding. The only dance he was really comfortable with was the Waltz, so we danced to the Tennessee Waltz.

One of my favorite memories of the day was Dad counting, "one, two, three, four..."
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If you use "nothing can change this love" I'd rec the version on Live from Harlem Square rather than the studio version. Much more up tempo.

(eh. It was our wedding song.)

What about the cliche for a reason "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys?
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Perhaps a long shot, but check Steve Earle's Sparkle and Shine. I'm a mom and it's hard for me to imagine my daughter having anything resembling a traditional wedding. Nonetheless, I hope that someday I get to dance with her to that song.
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Here is the Harlem Square Version
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Point of Grace - King of the World. I cried when my now-husband played it for me. I still cry when i hear it now. It was perfecft for my father and i... he even had tears in his eyes when we danced.
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Why not pick something from her childhood? Not a kid's song, but maybe something that you listened to a lot when she was young, that she associates with you? Or something that she used to really like. Or something you both used to really like. Can you think of something that you used to sing together in a car?
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I've always loved More Than Words by Extreme (YouTube, lyrics). I'm near tears thinking about using it as a father daughter dance at my own, hypothetical wedding.
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I always liked Look What You've Done for Me by Al Green.
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I danced to "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young and cut it before the part about "when we were lovers."
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My dad and I danced to "How deep is your love" by The Bee Gees at my wedding.
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You want "Daughter" by Loudon Wainwright III. Lyrics.
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"Because you loved me" --Celine Dion
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the fantastic suggestions. The wedding was Saturday, and it went perfectly. The bride was, of course, beautiful.

The father-daughter dance song was...

When You Need Me by Bruce Springsteen

I hope this thread helps other desperate fathers in the future.
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