Someone's got the crave real bad
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Some extended family have a Texas sized craving for White Castle... a craving on the order of 200 sliders. There are no White Castles near Texas. We are in Illinois where White Castles abound. What is the best way to get 200 sliders from Illinois to Texas?

The sliders you pick up in the frozen section of the grocery store will not do. (Believe me, we thought of that already.)
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Are you asking how to ship sliders from Illinois to Texas?

If not, Serious Eats claims to have a recipe for the ultimate homemade sliders.
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I'm a New Englander, all right? I don't have a dog in this fight, as north of the CT/RI border, we don't have White Castle.

But I've had White Castle, venturing south to Jersey to visit extended family. I understand.

I've also lived in Florida and New Orleans. Let me tell you, no-one will admit this to you but a New Englander - Krystal? Same damn thing. Order a Bag of Krystals per White-Castle jonesing relative, and watch them nom with great satisfaction.
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The restaurant "Krystal" is a clone of White Castle and there appears to be some in MS. Maybe easier to send them on a road trip?

Otherwise, I'd just go to White Castle and see what they say. If you pick up your order at like 10:30pm, shove it in some styrofoam with some of those glove warmer things packed around them, drop it off at the O'Hare Fedex location for overnight 8:30 am delivery, they probably won't be completely disgusting.
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Or, find the closest White Castle location to them and hit up Craigslist to see what someone would charge to drive the treasure to the Texans.
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This is one of those times when having access to a private jet would come in handy.

Short of that, FedEx First Overnight will probably be the best option. It will be expensive but the fastest way and probably preserve the taste. Flying commercial and checking the cooler full of burgers will mean having. To get to the airport early to deal with the airline and the tsa.

I've only had White Castle once and if didn't survive a 10 minute car ride. I'd totally not want to have one after it was in a car for the drive from Illinois to Texas.
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I'm gonna bring down the Banhammer on Krystal's. I'm a Chicago transplant living in Florida for the past decade and I feel your family's pain. People around here have tried to convince me that Krystal's is just as good but, no.

I've been trying to find a similar answer for years and here's the best I've been able to come up with. I give friends flying north an insulated lunch bag and they stop on their way back to the airport to fill it before coming back to Florida. I meet them at the airport, accost them immediately, and eat all the sliders at baggage claim while they wait for their luggage.

This may not help you in the short term, however, unless you find someone on Craigslist who happens to be making the north-south journey soon and wants to make a few extra bucks.
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Sorry, short of a crazy road trip or inventing a Star Trek transporter, this is impossible. Sliders have a shelf life of about 15 minutes, then they become truly grotesque.

And you're right about the frozen ones... just don't.

Burger Lab has a great home version here.
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I was also going to beg you not to do this.
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Best answer: I had some friends who moved to San Francisco from Ohio. They had a standing invitation to provide free housing and tourist guide drive-around service to anyone coming from Ohio on the condition that you brought a sack of White Castles. The instructions were specific. You had to pick them up at the WC closest to the airport and bring them with you in your carry-on (this was in the days when this was possible) in order to get the deal.

I actually had to fly out to SF for business and offered to pick up the sliders for them. They met me at the airport and drove me to my hotel. The entire sack was empty before we'd left the SFO driveway.

But that was the longest goddamn flight of my life (and I've been on multiple flights of >15hr clock duration). The smell wafting down from the overhead was overwhelming the plane's capacity to clean the air. The whole plane smelled of Whities. All the passengers were looking around trying to figure out where it was coming from. Luckily for me the sack was within another bag which hid it or I would have been lynched. It was like that passage from "Three Men In A Boat" with the cheese. I didn't go back to White Castle for a year. By all that is holy I implore you do not offer to drive WC's to your friends unless there's a WC at the Oklahoma border and they live half a mile into TX.
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If they want to take a road trip/cheap flight to Vegas, there is going to be a White Castle food truck there this weekend only (although that isn't any closer than the ones in Tennessee). But they have two trucks that are traveling the country, so maybe they could follow the Facebook page to see where they travel. As of right now they seem to be the only option west of the Mississippi.
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They sell them frozen in grocery stores. Try calling 1 800 THE CRAVE to find out we're they are sold.

I like frozen food White Castle much better than what you get in the restaurants.

....Perhaps it's the privacy....
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Response by poster: An update:

This question ended up being moot, but thank you everyone for your answers.

The sliders (all 200 of them) were driven to Texas by a family member in a cooler full of dry ice. The Texans were very happy, and devoured 60 of them on the first night.

No word on the smell in the car.
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