Ob/Gyn in NYC?
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My wife and I generally have an excellent sex life, but occasionally when I try to penetrate her she experiences extreme discomfort. Fingers are fine, but penis is not (I'm somewhat thick). This is regardless of position, lube, amount of foreplay, with/without condom, etc. She's been to a couple doctors, but neither seemed particularly invested in really getting to the bottom of it, even to the point of being somewhat dismissive. Sadly, this seems to be the default of most doctors these days. So...can anyone suggest an Ob/Gyn (or other appropriate specialist) in NYC? Someone that will take her seriously and really do the work to figure out what's going on? Thanks...from both of us.
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This does not directly answer your question (sorry), but has anyone recommended a Vaginal Dilator Set? They are commonly used to help relax the muscles and tissue for issues such as painful sex - also commonly used after childbirth, etc. You can buy them easily on Amazon and many sets have good reviews.
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This doesn't answer your question either, but does it correlate at all with constipation?
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The search term that may be most helpful is vaginismus - by all reports it's a tricky thing to treat and you probably want to look for someone with experience with that specific thing.
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I recommend Downtown Women OBGYN on Prince & Broadway, they've never been dismissive of my pain issues when I've had exams there.
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Response by poster: Crystalline - Thanks. Hasn't been recommended before, but most of the time it's just fine. More like a few times a year flare-up.

3491again - Dunno. I'll ask her. If so, does that indicate something, or just the fact of it can cause vaginal pain?

Restless and oh yeah, thanks a lot.

...I'll keep checking back for any more thoughts.

Oh...by the way, bonus points if they take Freelancer's Union insurance.
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Check your MeMail.
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Ah, screw it. I MeMailed you because I didn't want to get ban hammered for shilling for a friend, but it's relevant:

Brooklyn Health Physical Therapy

Gopi specializes in women's health / pelvic floor disorders. This is exactly what she works on every day. Get a prescription for PT and go to Brooklyn Health.
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Dr. Ryan Sobel is awesome (I believe he just left this practice but they should be able to connect you with him).

Also, I second Brooklyn Health Physical Therapy. Gopi is wonderful.
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You might find some helpful tips on Reddit's bigdickproblems forum.
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Try Ending Female Pain by Isa Herrera, I believe the author also has a clinic in NYC. Muscle tension has definitely been an issue for me.

Also, we gave up birth control...almost every form irritates by body, hormones, latex and chemicals all. I am a million times happier using nothing but coconut oil. Rhythm method/pull out.

Good luck! Keep trying...this can be and is worth fixing!
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Just throwing in that this can be a side effect of medication, including things like non-prescription allergy meds.
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There's a pelvic pain obgyn office in the FiDi, on Maiden Ln, with great doctors.
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I hated every GYN I tried in the city until I found her, but I'd take a damn bullet for Dr. Lorraine Chrisomalis. She's always spent leisurely time with me before any check-up going over any concerns I may have and she's a warm, non-judgmental listener. She also accepts many types of insurance, if that's relevant.
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