Looking for a contemporary dress with a 1920s cut
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I love the cut of this Zara long lace dress, which strikes me as very 20s-flapperish. I am hoping to find some similarly cut, non-vintage dresses.

Non-vintage as I just want a knock-around-town thing, not a pricy thing I have to take care of. I do quite like the Zara one but find Zara has hit-and-miss quality and terrible customer service. Also, if I was getting married I would be all over the Zara one regardless, but unfortunately I have no upcoming nuptials and am having trouble mentally de-bridalising the Zara dress. *

Supposedly Gatsby is A Thing again so I'm thinking there'll be some more spring/summer dresses with this silhouette. I am a rural Canuck so can't (easily) go peek in most shops so mail order is pretty much it, but I do have friends in the US/UK who can ship me stuff from places that don't ship to Canada. Ideally the dress is all or mostly natural fibres, but I fear this will be a 'beggars can't be choosers' thing. Any links appreciated!

* The embroidered lace on the Zara dress is cotton and I am half tempted to buy it and chuck it in some periwinkle dye and have a white/pale peri dress with periwinkle overlay but somehow I think I might look like the mother of the bride? But I am open to better dye ideas. I am also open to sewing patterns and links to dresses that would fit the bill if only they were altered, and to being told that that dress isn't remotely bridal.
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I love the idea of dying it periwinkle! You could definitely rock it. In the meantime, try modcloth.com or asos.com. Both have pretty neat selections. I searched for dropped waist in asos and got this: http://us.asos.com/search/dropped-waist?hrd=1&q=dropped+waist#parentID=-1&pge=0&pgeSize=-1&sort=-1

Good luck!
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If it's the drop waist you like, Madewell has a few nice drop waist dresses this spring, though they're less 20s-ish, and much more casual.
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Oh man I love that dress. It might help you to search for "drop waist tea dress."

This is a pretty modern take on that style

Similar silhouette, less bridal

Same style, sleeveless

Casual teal

10 Dresses in one place

And you're right. Gatsby style was all over the runways this spring.
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H&M had some pretty drop waist dresses the last time I was in.
Another from Urban Outfitters.
Here's one from Dillard's too.

I think you should get that Zara dress and dye it gray instead of periwinkle, for a more versatile look.
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If you decide to dye it, keep in mind that there are three different fibers and they will take dye differently. You may end up with different colors or with the nylon base not taking the dye at all, for example (which isn't necessarily a bad thing and could look really nice). This site (link goes to the section on all-purpose dyes which should take care of the rayon, linen, and nylon components of that dress) is an incredible resource for dyeing if you want to give it a try.
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Unique Vintage has a flapper section. I've gotten some pin up stuff from them and they are pretty awesome to order from.
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Shabby Apple also has some nice dresses.
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Response by poster: For the record: the Zara dress did not exactly fit/hang as expected. Nice dress, not particularly flapperish on. (And you can see my underpants!) All of the advice here has been useful for searching -- many thanks!
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