How do I make my Amazon "Hope To Read" list private?
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A google search of my name revealed an Amazon "Hope to Read" list that I didn't know existed. This is a public record of the books I've bought and, for kindle books, how much I've read of each. I've tried looking through Amazon's settings and googling this question--how do I make my books private?

Frequent users of Amazon can see what I mean by searching their own name with the word "Amazon." I'm pretty sure your "Hope to Read" list will pop up too.
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I'm a frequent Amazon user and when I did a google search I did not get this...
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Hmm. The only thing that comes up for me (I use Amazon more than I'd like) when I search for my name + amazon is listings on Amazon for a couple of anthologies I've been published in. Can you be more specific about how your search was constructed?
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Yeah I am not seeing this either...did you ever maybe link your amazon with say a facebook, goodreads, or other 3rd party book/reading site?
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Look like it is a Kindle specific quirk...they talk about it a little in the FAQ here...
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Are these all Kindle books? I'm wondering if this is part of the site - that has a "Hope to Read" section for Kindle books you bought but not marked as read. It appears to me each book's information is private until/unless you mark it individually as viewable by the public, but perhaps at some time in the past that was not true?

At any rate, you can go in and turn any public books back to NOT public by logging in and going to "Your Books."
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Oh, and look there, it's NOT for just Kindle books - you can flip on "all books" and mark non-Kindle books as public or private as well. Of course I saw that after hitting Post Answer.
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Best answer: If you click on wish list, right hand side on main amazon page, it says whether your list is private or public and there is a link to change it.
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Alternatively, since you can plug a "known" email address into a site such as Spokeo and get your Amazon wish lists as well, change your email addy with amazon.

If it's a gmail address, it's as simple as changing:


Just makes it more harder to find; I don't use the Kindle system so I don't know if when you "friend" someone or whatever to share books you have to give them your email addy.
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I've had all of my public information removed from Amazon before.

You basically have to pester them via the help forms, after wading through a maze of them, and a person will confirm you want all of your stuff off. This was the email I received after hitting help a few times:
Before I remove your profile, I need to let you know that doing so will remove all information from the following features:

— Interesting People
— Friends
— Reviews
— Listmania lists
— So you'd like to... Guides
— Tags
— Wish List

Please write back to confirm that you want us to remove all of this information. If you'd rather make this information private and not remove it completely, let us know when you write back.

Please visit the following link to provide the information we

After I confirmed it, they removed all public information about me. Occasionally I look for it with a search to Google like "melancholy play" and it has yet to return after about four years.
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This sort of worked for me. I have quite an unusual name, as far as I know I'm the only British person with my name, and use the Kindle a lot - just tried it and one of my American namesakes came up. That said I only use rather than so it might just affect accounts on .com.
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Best answer: I searched Google for "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME Amazon" and my name came up with an Amazon link. I clicked the link, and my wish list came up in full view. I checked to make sure I was logged out of my Amazon account, tried again, and it still came up. I logged back into my Amazon account, went to my wish list, and saw this near the top of the page. I clicked on the "Change" link, and set it to Private. I searched Google again, and the result with my name shows, but when I click on it, it now goes to a blank Amazon page.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone who contributed. I'm not sure why my Hope to Read list popped up in a google search when it didn't for some some of you, but my name is very unusual and this does seem to be an issue specific to the Amazon Kindle.

After reading xedrik and shoesietart's suggestions, I was able to make my wishlist private. Unfortunately, the Amazon wishlist does not seem to be the same as the Amazon Kindle Hope to Read list, as my Hope to Read list still popped up in a google search.

The only way I was really able to solve the problem was by clicking through each title that as showed up as public on my Hope to Read list. Below the title, the author's name, and the amazon star rating, there were some buttons where you could toggle your reading status and publicity settings. I had to click through 67 titles and toggle them individually, but they are now all private! Unfortunately, I could not find an "apply to all" function.

Thanks again to all contributors.
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