Where to store luggage near the Farmer's Market in San Francisco?
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I am flying into SFO tomorrow morning but unable to access the condo I am staying at until the late afternoon. I'd like to go to the farmer's market but I do not want wheel my luggage around. Where would be a good place to store it for the day?
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I have never been to California, but I have stayed at a Hostelling International hostel that had an area downstairs for storage of luggage. It's essentially a room full of lockers, all you need is to buy a lock at walgreens or cvs, etc. However, I'm not sure if it is only for the people staying at the hostel. You can take a chance and walk in, it's usually in the first floor lobby area and use the lockers, or you can ask and risk the chance that they will say no that you cannot use it. I doubt they will say no because about 50-80% of the lockers were unused during my stay. I'm sure if you explained your situation and that it would be only for a couple of hours they would be willing to accommodate you. There are three hostels in San Francisco that you can locate on their website: www.hihostels.com
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Super long shot, but if you are a member of a national gym chain you could probably use the coat room at one of the local franchises in SF?
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I assume you're talking about the one at the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building, being a transit terminal, has luggage storage at Amtrak. Hopefully they'll let you pay to use it even if you're not headed to a train.
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Best answer: All hotels have a place to store luggage. Try calling some place close to see if you can pay few bucks to leave your bags there.
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Best answer: I was going to say go to a hotel and tip handsomely ($5) to store your bag there for the day.
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That hotel would be the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero. No idea if that will work, though.
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Best answer: As of April 12, the General Manager of the Chancellor Hotel in Union Square is offering to hold peoples luggage for nothing more than a tip.

So, thats a fallback. Get off at Union Square, drop luggage, head out to Ferry Building.
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Response by poster: Follow up... when do you tip? When you give them the bag or when you pick it up?
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