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I'm looking for solid histories of Alexandria (Egypt, not Virginia). Overviews are good, as are works more specifically social, intellectual, military, or economic. I'm particularly interested in ancient and Napoleonic information, but all suggestions are welcome! Web resources are welcome as well as print works; I have access to ILL and an academic library.
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Try doing searches at the Oriental Insititute online.
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This seems like a pretty solid bibliography for the ancient side, though many of these are a little more specialized than what you're looking for. This list of more recent works overlaps some but also has more broad overviews. The work being done on the ports is very interesting on the economic side; here are Goddio's publications (books only, not the assorted articles) and current French excavations here.
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If you're looking for a modern lay of the land, I enjoyed "No God but God - Egypt and the triumph of Islam" by Geneive Abdo. "The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity" by Averil Cameron might also be useful.
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The Further reading section in the Wikipedia article seems like a useful place to begin, though of course the links jetlagaddict gave are far more thorough.
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