domestic violence resources in Bangkok
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asking for a friend: do you have contact information for domestic violence shelters/hotlines/resources in Bangkok Thailand. Preferably in Thai, but can also be in English.

My friend is in a relationship with a farang who is an alcoholic and gets violent with her when he drinks. I don't know if he's actually hit her or not, but she told me that he tried to kill her, e.g. chasing her around the apartment. Also, she is four months pregnant with his son. So, it's very complicated. It's beyond my expertise to help.
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A few weeks ago, the Thai government launched a crisis initiative, the One-Stop Crisis Centre. I found lots of news articles and press releases but not a single one mentioned the actual hotline number a woman would call. But if your friend can Google the phrase "One Stop Crisis Centre" in Thai, she might find more info.

In the meantime, I did find an organization in Bangkok called the Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women. They have an emergency home for women and a rape crisis centre. There is a (series of?) phone number(s?) on their homepage that your friend can try.

Homepage in English
Homepage in Thai

Best of luck to your friend; I hope she finds some help.
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Here are some other resources.
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I was also going to suggest the Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women. A friend of mine worked there years ago, and I remember some very complicated cases she talked about, that included either foreign men or foreign women.
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