Help me find more skirts like my favorite! Snowflakes inside...
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I own this skirt from Old Navy in black and gray, and am thinking of getting the blue striped one. I LOVE these skirts. They're uber-comfortable for work in the spring and summer! They don't wrinkle! They're not made of overly-weird fabric! The problem is, Old Navy only has the two (maybe three) colors that I like. I'd love one in, say, a nice deep red, or a dark purple, maybe some prints. The problem is, I can't find them anywhere. I wear a 3X in Old Navy's clothes, so around a US womens 26. I also can't afford to spend a ton of money. But I would like a couple more skirts to add to the summer work wardrobe! Any suggestions as to where I might find my skirt-nirvana?
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Torrid has a bunch of knit maxi and pencil skirts in your size and price range.
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I am continuing to wear maternity skirts just like this from both target and motherhood maternity post partum. I know that sounds strange but no one would ever know. They are even fold over like that.
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I got a similar skirt from Lands End. I was pleased with the weight of the fabric.
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Target has some interesting plus skirts right now - the "high low" skirt comes in a ton of colors.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far! I'll check them all out!
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If you want to be extra hip, Asos has a pretty extensive plus size section ('curve and inspire') that's got some pretty cool and well made items. It's also got a maternity section, which I hadn't thought about, but someone mentioned above so that's I guess an idea?

Asos Plus Size

I wouldn't go with high-low skirts though, at least I personally can't stand them. It's just not a flattering look on anybody, and the asymmetry draws attention to the thighs in weird ways. AND (if anyone cares) my trendy friend says "that look is so over", so there you have it :) Good luck!
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This is similar, although probably a bit more ruched on the waistband than the Old Navy one.

And this one has the option of a lie-flat or foldover waistband.
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A little off the beaten path of the answer you are looking for, but there are tons and tons of people out there looking for extra cash. Maybe you could find a seamstress on craigslist who could reverse-engineer the pattern on the skirt you have, and then make a few skirts from fabric you have chosen. You get the fit you want, and exactly the colors you are looking for.
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The Torrid skirts seem a little short -- I should have specified that I'd prefer knee-length; any shorter and I can't do the running around and crawling under tables to troubleshoot computers and such that I have to do at work. And the super-long maxi skirts are just not a good look on me.
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I also came in to recommend Land's End's knit skirts - I have two and I am obseeeessed with them.
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I ordered a Land's End skirt (in red!) yesterday; fingers crossed that it fits!
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