Find picture of a guy applying lube to a guy while riding Tour de France
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I swear I saw this, probably 15 years ago, in a newspaper or cycling magazine or something. 2 guys riding bikes, pretty sure it was an article about the Tour de France. One guy has his pants rolled down to expose his crack, the other guy is applying lube in the form of a stick, looked sort of like a tube of deoderant.

I have looked everywhere for this. I am *pretty* sure I didn't imagine it, but it's from so long ago that I have no idea where/how to look. GIS doesn't turn up anything but I'm having trouble forming the right query.
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I recall something matching that description from National Geographic, 15-20 years ago.
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If it helps, the tube was probably some sort of antichafing stick like bodyglide.
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Could definitely be natgeo, we had stacks of those around the house.

I'm sort of thinking it might have been about the 1990 or 1991 TdF because I remember reading about Greg Lemond and 1990 was the last year he won
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I feel like we're pretty close. I found this quote:

"The circa-1988 National Geographic piece about the Tour de France was penned by Gilbert Duclos-Lasalle, twice winner of Paris-Roubaix, and father of current pro Hervé Duclos-Lasalle. The text is brief, but instructive for an aspring young bike racer: On race day, no matter the pace, never let the strain show. And the photos lived up to the lofty standards of National Geographic. The face of Dag Otto-Lauritzen is picture-perfect suffering."
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Found it. It's in here

I had the facts wrong though - the lube was being applied from the back by a guy in a car. Thanks so much for the tip about National Geographic!
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Oh, I do remember that too. Glad you found the picture.
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The article is quite nice, also, with lots of good pictures. It's short and sweet, good stuff.
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I love that the car that the guy who is applying the lube is labeled "Aspro".
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Yeah I got a chuckle out of that too.
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Yay! Man, was that really 25 years ago? Ha ha, seems like yesterday.

I don't know why, but that particular image really stuck with me. I remembered it clearly and I also remembered that it was a Nat Geo. I did some Googling in the 1990s timeframe but didn't come up with anything. Glad you found it!
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What an awesome sport.
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You might be interested in this vintage ad for cigarettes featuring a cyclist massaging the leg of a fellow cyclist.
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