Is pursuing a side-job as a zumba instructor worth it?
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I am thinking of enrolling in a zumba instruction course in order to begin the process of getting licensed/certified to teach zumba.

My goal is to be able to teach zumba on the side of a career and earn some extra money while staying in shape. Has anyone successfully done this who is willing to share their experiences?
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My dad's home health care aide does this. She started taking Zumba classes to stay in shape and liked it so much she became an instructor. If it stays popular, it is probably worth a try.
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You might actually want to talk to people who are Jazzercise instructors. It was a similarly trendy way to stay fit, and although it hasn't gone away entirely it's not at the peak of its popularity anymore. They may be able to give you some insight about who was able to use it as a successful side business.

Also, your question depends a lot on how much the classes are and whether you will have to rent space to teach out of. The equation you want to figure out is how many students will you need to pay back your expenses and make a little extra? Don't forget to figure taxes into the equation.
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I have a friend who's done exactly this - she's found it hard on the knees, and that in order to do it well she needs to spend a fair bit of time coming up with new songs and choreographies. Zumba is also a bit more restrictive than other fitness classes (as an instructor you might have to buy their clothes, use songs that are somewhat restricted by them).

I've done something similar (teaching spinning) and found that it was a great way to get in some extra exercise and funds, even though certification costs money and you should be spending more of your energy on instruction than on your own exercise - it's still extra money and workout.

If you have the money to get certified, I'd say you should try it. I found it a lot of fun to motivate others.
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My coworker does this. She spends a lot of time coming up with new playlists and choreography, and the money isn't fantastic, but she has a heck of a lot of fun, and says she'd be taking Zumba classes anyway, so why not get paid for it?
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On preview, exactly what xingcat said. I have a friend who is a jazzercise instructor and she LOOOOOVES it. She'd be going to classes anyway, so why not get paid? Plus, she's made some great friends with the other instructors and keeps in shape. Win, win, win.
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My friend does this. She loves it, I think the only downside is that you have to pay hundreds of dollars to stay "certified" each year and use the Zumba brand name when you advertise your classes.
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One of my college age interns is a fitness instructor and teaches 2-3 classes a day. Her knees have gone out from 1-2 months of teaching in this schedule, so be aware of the cumulative impact that teaching more than one class a day might have.
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I've done it - and loved it. Certification is easy (1-2 days) and cheap ($200-$300 each time). You don't HAVE to come up with choreographies, you can use the ones they provide you. It's good income, people love it, and you stay REALLY fit. Get really great shoes! Get public liability insurance! Stay enthusiastic about it! Good luck!
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One of my good friends owns a Jazzercise studio in the third largest city in our state.

She loves it (I saw a video of her teaching a class when she was literally due to have a baby any day and I almost died) and employs quite a few girls. I don't see her often but I assume it's a viable way to make some extra side cash. She runs the studio as a full time job and I have no idea if her employees do other jobs but she seems to be able to make a decent living.

Give it a shot!
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My friend does this and absolutely loves it. I'd say go for it! She rents a school gym in our neighbourhood for a reasonable fee and now has a large group of Zumba addicts needing their fix. It's great, go for it!
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