Help me find this online Spanish tutoring site
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A few months ago I found a certain online Spanish tutoring site I wanted to try out, but now I'm unable to locate it after much Googling. The site (which may have offered languages other than Spanish) had private tutors who conduct sessions via Skype. The main page showed photos and bios of the many available tutors, with star ratings and links to reviews written by students. As I recall, each tutor could set his/her own price. What site might this have been?
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Verbal Planet?
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Could it be italki?
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I use Italki which works well for me learning Spanish. I find the Colombian accent very easy to understand so use a tutor from there, but you can find plenty of teachers from the U.S. or many other places too. You can use PayPal which I like and the interface is pretty seamless, so I am generally quite happy with the service. If money is an issue you can supplement the paid tutor lessons with free language exchanges with people learning English, i.e. you talk 50% of the time in English and 50% in Spanish, plenty of people seeking to do that at
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Ah yes, here it is. Speakshop, which contracts with Spanish teachers in Guatemala, I believe. You pay a nominal monthly membership fee to Speakshop, and then your lesson fee goes directly to the teacher.

It's a very nice service, and I used it many times, some years ago.
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