Food contest for professional cooks
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Help me organize a food contest for professional cooks! The goal is to gather a number of regional cooking professionals and have them cook their version of a regional favorite food (already predetermined.) There would be a few celebrity judges and a few people who are pretty knowledgeable about food. The contest would be public and there would be a few recipes. How would you suggest this be done? What should be included? What should be avoided?
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I would avoid anything with "mystery ingredients," because that genre of cooking competition is a little oversaturated right now. We have Chopped, and The Taste, and Iron Chef. Something that hasn't been done as much would play to an audience of foodies.

How about regional fusion? Get chefs from different regions to combine their styles and specialties in teams of two?
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Cook only with local, in season ingredients? That's a constraint that isn't cheesy and could lead to some interesting outcomes. Maybe promote a CSA in the process?
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Charity crawfish cookoff is an annual event here in Slidell, a bedroom community of New Orleans. People buy a ticket for all you can eat. There are several categories the boiling team can win. It started with just a few teams and has really grown.

People feel good about supporting the local charity, plus they get to pig out on crawfish.
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