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What type of tree is this? I'm sure it's quite common, as they're found all over Chicago. There were no old leaves on the ground nearby, and I'm useless at identifying leafless deciduous trees unless they're white and peeling. Thanks.
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Best answer: Based on Google Street View, they look like locust trees to me.
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And the odd tree out looks like an elm. RIP Prentice Women's Hospital Building.
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Honeylocust is my guess.
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The black locusts in winter on this page look an awful lot like the trees in the photo, supporting pullayup's idea.
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Locust trees are often planted in cities because the small leaves don't need to be swept up in the fall. They just go down the drain.
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If it's a locust, it's a Gleditsia (honey locust, as jon1270 said) which are commonly planted street trees. It could be, judging from the little knobby bud clusters. It's a little hard to tell from the photo.
Those in the street view are definitely honey locust.
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Best answer: The black locusts in winter on this page look an awful lot like the trees in the photo...

The bark is wrong for black locusts, though. Black locust has thick, corky, deeply-furrowed and ridged bark. Honeylocust bark tends to be more like wide, fractured plates, which I think is a better match.

As far as growth habit goes, take a look at these Sunburst Honeylocusts that were planted as street trees in Cleveland in 1967.
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Thought I would chime in to say these are sunburst honey locust (I happen to have a large one in my back yard).
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Do you know what color flowers they produce in the spring? Yellow flowers are Honey Locust, purpleish-white are Black Locust.
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