Kaiser and Coumadin / warfarin INR self-testing
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I've been on warfarin for many years, own a self-testing machine, and have been testing INR levels at home in cooperation with my physician for several years. I'm thinking of switching to Kaiser, but even after attempting to get an answer from them on the phone, it is not clear what their INR testing options are and whether they allow individuals to self-test. Are you on warfarin or coumadin with Kaiser, and have you been able to self-test?
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I work for Kaiser and talk to the coag pharmacists sometimes. It will depend on the policy of the coag clinic at the Kaiser medical center that you are going to. If it will be in So Cal I can find out for you. Me-mail me.
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I know several Kaiser members who self-test with a home machine, but I agree with SLC Mom, you should probably call the coumadin clinic of the medical center you'd be getting your care from.
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