Need help identifying two Hawaiian/Pacific tracks
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Can you help me identify two polynesian/hawaiian songs used in the Disney Polynesian area music? I'm trying to buy all of the tracks for a complete "Polynesian Resort area music loop", and I only have two tracks left... (links to LQ samples in the extended explanation...)

Hi all. I'm a Disney music fan, and in particular, I like the Polynesian Resort/Jungle Cruise/Tiki Room/etc. I have a stream I set up on a fairly popular disney music server (this post isn't meant to be an advertisement for that, so I will refrain from linking to it, although I will if people ask.)

Anyway, I've been buying up the tracks needed to reproduce a high quality version of the Polynesian Resort's "area music" -- the music they play over the speakers while you're walking around there. I've gotten all of the tracks listed here,

except for the "unknown" one, and one other not listed. That's where I hope someone here can help out... I'd love to know at least the song names, but links to the recordings would be awesome as well.

In any event, here are links to the two tracks:

unknown track.mp3

Lanai Music.mp3

(I do have the area loop in high quality streaming as well, and I can provide links for those interested.)
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Could you clarify a bit? Do you know that these tracks were produced by some arm of Disney for the purpose of being "background music" for ... what? A Disney resort? a theme park? a movie? Do you know the provenance of these tunes?

It's an admirably obscure subgenre of music you're interested in -- so much so that I think it might be tricky for a general audience to identify these tracks. Could you post this (or have you posted this) question to some sort of online Disney (or Disney music) forum?

I dig this kind of faux-Polynesian/loungey stuff, too, but I couldn't for the life of me identify those tracks, which, honestly, are fairly ... generic, you know?

Could you contact a PR person at Disney? Something like that?
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I think you might be better off asking on one of the Disney boards . Maybe you can email the resort and ask?
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To answer some questions; The rest of the music in the loop (13 tracks) was made independently, and Disney licensed it from them. They are used exclusively in the Polynesian Resort grounds and inside the main building. (They play on speakers basically forever, at low volumes)

I've tried to get info through Disney music forums, and with the exception of the one person whose playlist I have linked to, I seem to be the other person outside of Disney programming who is familiar with this.

And yes, they may be generic polynesia type stuff, but there's something about them I like. especially the "unknown track.mp3" file.

People have tried contacting the resort in the past but have not been successful in getting information. I should try again, yes.

For what it's worth, these are a part of my "Dole Whip" stream at Subsonic Radio, as well as another stream of exclusively these 14 tracks, which is not published there yet.
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The first one "Unknown Track" is Henry Kaleialoha Allen - "Kalele - Swinging". Available through iTunes.
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Also, the second track is of unconfirmed origin, so nevermind. Case closed!
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