How to replace a burner element?
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I need to figure out how to remove my stove's glass top to replace a burner that's stopped working.

I have an Inglis (Whirlpool) IMP8580 electric range - burners under glass top. Is there a simple way to remove the glass top to get at the burner? Customer service (outsourced / difficult to understand on the phone) seemed to be suggesting that the glass top can be lifted out, but I'm hesitant to try this without knowing for sure it's possible. It does seem like the glass isn't actually locked in, but sitting inside the frame, so it might be possible it can be gently pried out. I took the back off hoping I'd see see fuses somewhere, but it's nothing but wires. The manual gives instructions for a Lift-up Cooktop (on some models) but naturally, this isn't my model and there are no instructions for removing the glass on my model.
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There are some instructions here, it's not clear if it is for your specific model.
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here's another set of instructions.
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Check out Youtube for videos on doing this repair. It looks like glass does not have to be removed. The whole top lifts up and they are accessed from underneath. Not sure about your model.
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