when was elmer the patchwork elephant first published? really.
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dear administrators of the universe simulation, please fix this minor continuity error: When I was learning to read, Elmer (the story about a patchwork elephant) was one of my favourite books. I read it many many times, now the internet is claiming this is impossible. The internet is claiming that the first Elmer book was first published in 1989. Come on, I was nineteen in 1989. Given that I completed high school in 1988, I have documentation to prove i was reading big books without pictures prior to 1989.

Also, a few years ago I noticed that the pictures in current editions seemed to be a little different to my memory, the words were also possibly slightly different. So I'd be more than satisfied, if you retconned things so that for copyright reasons it had to be re-written and illustrated.

Can you please insert a sensible explanation for all this, before an incoherence rift tears through this simulation and you are forced to shut it down. I am really just starting to feel I've got settled in, and am really hoping that everything keeps going at least until I get to find out if there is life under the ice on Europa.


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Response by poster: New York : Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, [1989], c1968.

thank you simulation admins
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Best answer: 1968.
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Response by poster: seems the universe has got over this little bump and has returned to normal operations.
nothing to see here move along. thank you
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Just had to add though...I'm glad you asked this, because it made me realize that Elmer is really SO 1968. He could have danced in that joyfully "be yourself" motley-patchwork hide on the Haight that year..
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I believe that the discrepancy is because the book you have was printed in 1989, while the original Elmer was first published in 1968.

According to this Amazon review, it has been changed since the original 1968 edition. (Which is really too bad! I loved the original growing up as well.)
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