Reykjavik restaurant suggestions for a Sunday night
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So I'm going to be in Reykjavik for my birthday this year! Where's a good place to get some drinks and have a nice dinner on a Sunday night?

My cousin and I will be traveling through Iceland next weekend, and we'd like to go somewhere nice for my birthday dinner. I think we'd both like to try some good Nordic food, but neither of us is adventurous or interested in eating pickled shark or sheep innards. We're pretty open, and while price is not really that big of a factor, I'd like to not go crazy unless the restaurant is not to be missed.
Also if you have any good bar recommendations, that would be appreciated. I'd be looking for a quiet bar where we can find a table to sit and talk.
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I liked this place: Fjalakotturin. It's Icelandic-ish (lamb, fish, whale, local ingredients) but not lots of pickled stuff. It's not cheap but reasonable by Reykjavik standards. We also had good food at the bar Boston (not quiet, though!).
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The Lobster House was the best meal we had there; it may be a bit pricey, but worth every kronur.
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Fish Market is considered to be one of the finest restaurants in Iceland. It is not cheap in the least but I've heard nothing but good things

I had a very good meal at Grill Market for lunch, gourmet Nordicy standards and exciting decor. The lunch was the cheaper option however, but not jaw-dropping prices. (for Iceland anyway, all food is expensive.)

I also really like The Icelandic Bar near the Hotel Borg. It's touristy, sure, but I've never had a bad meal there and they offer a good sampling of traditional foods in a cozy setting.
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Seconding Grill Market. I also had a really excellent meal at Snaps, which is a little less expensive.
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Previous thread on food here.

I loved Fish Market. The tasting menu was superb. The cocktails at Slippbarinn were sublime.
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Thirding Fish Market. I went back twice. Also, 3 Frakkar.
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(tangent) Siggi Baldursson (of the Sugarcubes) has made a short video tour of the city.
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Three Sheets was a great drinking/travel show and they did an Iceland episode and I do remember them stopping off in Reykjavik. If you have the time I highly recommend checking out the free episode on Hulu.
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If you're willing to make a short trip (~1hr drive) out of the city, Fjöruborðið in Stokkseyri does a great lobster dinner and it's right on the beach.
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Response by poster: Hey everyone who may check back at a later date - thank you for all the awesome suggestions, but we ended up going a different direction and ate at Hofnin, down by the harbor. It was fucking amazing, we ended up eating there twice. We also had drinks afterwards at Slippbarinn, like MuffinMan suggested.
Next time I am going to Fish Market, we just didn't end up having time, there were so many great restaurants to choose from.
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