Looking for a 2003 Cadillac CTS backup light lens cover
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The rear backup light panel around my license plate fell off on my 10 year old Cadillac. I have been checking junk yards and looking online and am unable to locate one affordably. Apparently, it's a common problem on this older model of car as the adhesive wears, and they tend to fall off. It was my grandmothers car before she passed away, and I love taking care of her baby. It's $600 at the dealership for the entire assembly and has to be painted. My vehicle is silver/gray but I might take any color. Any suggestions would be helpful. I believe it looks something like this (though the following one is in black) http://tinyurl.com/c28n4cz
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Try these guys. There's a classified section in the magazine or you could contact a local chapter.
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Have you tried Pick-n-pull's on-line inventory search?
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