Looking for a good, affordable tailor in London, UK
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I've recently discovered the difference that quality tailoring can make to the quality of my wardrobe. Now I'm looking for a great tailor in London who can alter my clothes at a price I can afford. Any recommendations?

Mostly I'll be needing to have shirts taken in and trousers hemmed. I'm happy to take any recommendation: a shop, a tailor working out of their home, etc.

Ideally the tailor will be located in Central or South London. By affordable I mean that a single alteration shouldn't much exceed £10 -- though a lower price would certainly be welcome.

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You might want to look at Child & Sons in Wandsworth, although they might be a bit expensive or you. They are apparently quite good.
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I've been to Child & Son's and was charged over £100 to take up and hem some trousers and to take them in around the thighs and waist. While the quality was excellent, I don't think it meets your criteria for being cheap. Certainly, it was a lot more than I wanted to pay.
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