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Can I email to a Google Voice number?

I found this old AskMe:

Is this still not possible? I'd like to have an email auto responder send a message to a Google Voice number and have that message appear as an SMS on the phone associated with that Google Voice account.
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Yes you can, as long as you have access to the owner of the number. If they have SMS set to forward to their own email address, then they can text themselves and the "from" address will work for anyone wanting to email a text.
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I'm not 100% clear about your requirements, but would a IFTTT recipe work for your needs?
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Are you asking if there is an email address associated with every Google Voice number and will that email address cause the message to be sent to the phone(s) associated with the GV number? If so, I am pretty sure that if you have a GV number and the other person does as well, you could determine the static email address for that phone and then send them messages from any email account to that number. I will test it later as I have access to more than one GV number.

I think what monkeymadness said works.
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