Kids book about monster makeup and making your own spook show?
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Trying to track down the title (and copy) of a book I had when I was in second or third grade (1980/81?) that showed kids how to do simple monster makeup and how to create a "spookshow."

Some details I remember:

-Softcover book... I think purchased through Scholastic or some other school related book fair.
-The makeup instructions included a paper mache Frankenstein's monster prosthetic type thing.
-The book included a script for a Frankenstein meets Jekyll & Hyde story.
-The big effect in the play employed the use of red or blue lights to show an actor changing from Jekyll to Hyde.
-The book also included photos, I presume of the author, shooting his own monster movie as a kid.

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Best answer: I had it too. Movie Monsters by Alan Ormsby.
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Best answer: Here's a blog post with some page scans.
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Response by poster: You guys rock. Thanks!
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