My Brother wireless printer doesn't work after resetting my laptop.
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I have a MacBook running OS X 10.6.8 and a Brother HL-2270DW printer. This morning I had to reset my entire system using Time Machine; everything else is up and running, but the printer doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling it with the printer setup disc, but the laptop won't detect our wireless connection when I get to that step (it suggests disabling my personal firewall, but I don't have one set up.), and the laptop won't let me add any printers in System Preferences. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated, because I've spent all afternoon trying to figure this out.
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Can you confirm your wireless router is working right? Does your laptop connect to it fine without going through the printer set up?

I know when I first had to set up my brother wireless printer, it had to be connected with a usb cable to my computer first before it would work wirelessly. That might also be a route you can go.
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Have you tried downloading the latest driver from the Brother site?
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Yes, you need to do the USB thing or plug it into the router and run the install from there. I've never managed to reconfigure our Brother printer solely wirelessly, and have spent similar frustrating hours as you have.
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Response by poster: I have gone through all of the steps suggested here, and it works while the USB cord is plugged in, but not wirelessly...even though I've gone through the entire wireless set-up and it tells me it's ready to go.
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Have you tried a Hard Reset to factory defaults? You will lose all your settings but at least you will have a zero-point to work from.

Reset network settings the Brother HL2270DW to the factory default - via
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