Best Drill Press for $200 on Amazon
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I have $200 in Amazon credit. I want a drill press. What's the best drill press near that price on Amazon? Bench or floor is fine.
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Response by poster: "None" is an acceptable answer.
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I you are ever going to drill metal with a drill bigger than 3/8", get a 3-pulley version that will have a low speed below 600 rpm. Here's a chart rpm vs. drill diameter, I believe it assumes you are using flood coolant, so reduce the recommended by 25%.
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Probably this refurb Ryobi, but it's over your price range including shipping. Also not sure if it would qualify for Amazon credit use.
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This SKIL has good reviews and is only $113 with free shipping. With the extra money, I'd recommend getting a vise, and possibly a better chuck.
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Grizzly stuff is remarkably good for the price.

This one is $250.
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I have the SKIL press linked above, and I like it, especially for the price. I haven't had it all that long, but used it to rough out 3/8" mortises in hard maple with no problems, seems pretty accurate out of the box, generally speaking a lot better than I would have expected for $100.
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