Help me find a book mentioned in a PSA?
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I heard a PSA on a local college radio station of a book being read, but remember too little about it to find either the ad or the book. Help?

The ad was a man with a English accent reading an excerpt from a book. The excerpt in question was describing a man being chased through a jungle.

My interest was piqued, but I can't recall the name of the book, and my google-fu is failing to find the ad.

Anyone know what the ad is, or where I can find it so I can find this book?
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You should call the station; I'm sure they'd be able to help you out. When I worked at a college radio station, the PSAs were mostly read by DJs themselves or sent in by local nonprofits, so someone outside of your specific area might not be able to answer this question.
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Was it possibly the classic 1924 potboiler The Most Dangerous Game? [summary][wikipedia]
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I'd definitely contact the station. When I was in college radio they just had a big binder full of PSA's next to the board, so calling up the DJ on air might get your answer. You might even be able to find the PSA person's contact info on their website.
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It appears that most/all of the "commercials" on the station are PSAs from The Ad Council, but I'm not able to find it on their website. Will try contacting the station.
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When I read this the first time, I thought I knew exactly the PSA you were thinking of but did not know the book. It has been on for years. I finally heard it again this morning: PSA. Books is Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry.
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YES! THAT IS IT! Thanks dpaul!
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