Mixing cleaning products: just how bad can it be?
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Help! I mixed cleaning products in my oven. Am I going to die?

I know, it was stupid. I cleaned my oven using Easy Off Fume Free, following the instructions (it's a no-heat product). Then, I spot cleaned the top of the door and the inside window using Comet with Bleach. The oven cleaner was fairly well rinsed, I think, but I'm not the most conscientious cleaner (obviously).

1. Have I accidentally created a terrible chemical? Am I going to kill myself and my family?

2. Some of the comet got between the oven window panels. Is that bad? Unsightly, yes, but will it kill me?

3. Can I use the oven? Should I.... heat it up to burn things off first, or will that explode?

I've never cleaned an oven before. Probably would have been less stressful to leave it dirty.
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Okay, first thing: chill. Literally, as in: open the windows to air the place out, while heating the oven to around 300 for an hour or two. (Running it like this will probably make absolutely no actual difference, but will make you feel safer, plus it's a good 'just in case' measure.) Next: you say you rinsed well between products --- very good. Hopefully you've rinsed well again after you finished, right?

As long as the two products' ingredients don't include something like one with bleach and the other with ammonia, I think you're safe, but just don't do it again, okay? Thanks!
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Since apparently Amazon thinks Easy Off Fume Free is a cherry lubricant (I do not think you should use it for this purpose), here's the MSDS. Only reacts poorly with acids, which comet is not. Generally, the main thing you have to worry about with bleach is ammonia, because that'll evolve some chlorine gas. Even then, you probably would have noticed by now, so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.

If you're really worried, wipe down the oven with water or a vinegar/water mix (I realize that vinegar is an acid, but that's in the FAQ on the Easy-Off Fume Free web site, so presumably it's not a major issue.)
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Best answer: Don't wipe down the oven with a vinegar solution; you're not supposed to mix bleach and vinegar, either. I'd make sure the fan above your stove is going and that you have a door or window open, if possible, and wipe down/rinse off each area separately with water. Take breaks between sections to go in another room or at least near the open door or window to get some fresh air, just in case.
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Chlorine gas is unmistakable, and if you had made a problem for yourself, you would not need to come here to ask, you would know. The advice to open your windows, turn on the fan and wipe everything down with just water is sound. Take some breaks for air as needed, and chalk this up to experience.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I will air out the house and never, ever do this again.
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