Seeking recommendations for films about Jewish art and architecture
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I am looking for some great movies about the history of Jewish art and architecture. I am most curious to learn about ancient and medieval Judaica, but if you know of treatments of modern Jewish art and architecture that would be good to know about too. Any recommendations would be most appreciated.
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Are you looking for documentaries, specifically? Or does something like Raiders of the Lost Ark fit the bill here? It does have that one early scene where Indy lectures to the government suits, after all...
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Response by poster: I was mostly thinking about documentaries, but now I might also watch some Indiana Jones!
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Art and Remembrance is about Felix Nussbaum.
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Look for Sephardi and/or Ladino movies and themes. The Jewish community on Spain was the longest lived one, for more than 1,000 years, before being expelled in 1492.

Very little info remains, and it is mostly incidental to other stories.
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Not quite what you're asking for, but My Architect is a fascinating documentary about the work of Louis I. Kahn, which includes a segment on his plans for rebuilding the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem
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Eric Mendelsohn designed several synagogues in the US. Incessant Visions is a recent documentary describing his work.
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