How to implement a digital asset management system for a small company
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I work for an organization that has lots of photos and videos but no system to manage that. I have introduced the idea of using a system like Resourcespace to achieve this goal. What areas could I study to implement this most effectively? Any books, journals, associations or anything that covers effective metadata and content management?

I have been familiarizing myself with various metadata schemas for photography and video. However, it appears my organization is going to heavily customize the metadata as well. What resources can I read and learn about doing this in the best possible way? This particular system would work well in our ecosystem and there is the possibility of purchasing support for the product. However, no matter the system that is chosen I want to be able to implement good standards for evaluating what our current assets are and describing the metadata accurately and efficiently. I have also looked into controlled vocabularies. I would appreciate any recommendations on where to begin with this type of task.
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Dublin Core may be a place to start. Another list of resources, from a site that sells a controlled vocabulary.
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The Visual Resources Association is exactly the group for what you want. I'm a member, feel free to memail if you would like more information or guidance. They are the ones behind Dublin Core.
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