Need Suggestion for Photographer of Women
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I'm looking for suggestions for a contemporary art photographer who's spent time photographing women of different ages and and sizes and shapes. I'd simply like to view the work online or buy a book if the work has been published.

I once saw a series of photographs someone took of women in bathhouses in Eastern Europe and it was amazing and wonderful how different each individual body was. I can't recall the photographer's name or find her work by searching online Ideally, I'm seeking non-nude photographs, maybe beach scenes where a variety of different female (the photos don't have to exclude men entirely, but I'm mainly interested in women), body types is on display.

This is for my own personal enjoyment. I may use the photos as inspiration for drawings or paintings, but may not.

Thanks much for your suggestions.
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There is one logical choice for this.
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Annie Leibovitz's book Women is very good. She gets a bad rap as a photographer, and I hear she is not a nice person, but she is very skilled. There is something commercial/less than high-arty about her stuff but she is really a master of lighting and is a chameleon of styles. There's a lot of inspiration in that book and it's available ridiculously cheap online used. The print quality is very high. Also her book American Music is awesome, for the record. Not only women in that but there's a lot of them.

Sally Mann might also suit you.
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Look up the Nu project.
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Able to link now! NSFW
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Non-nude you say? Check this out:
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Response by poster: Thanks for these suggestions. I am still on the hunt for exactly the right sort of images. Definitely want adults. Would like non-nudes and group photographs. Looking for the beauty in the ordinary, i.e. not model types. The Nu project is new to me, bunderful. Interesting, thanks for sharing.
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There is a photographer in North Carolina (?) Doing really amazing portraits of African American women, some nude some not. Lots of different bodies! Male photographer, Russian sounding surname. Maybe someone will recall? I'll check in when I get home from work and see if I can find a link for you.
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