How do I tell my boss I'm NOT going to grad school?
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For miscellaneous reasons I no longer wish to go. How do I tell my boss? Do I tell? I am more than happy to continue my professional development (as such)... just less intensively and more cheaply! In fact, I'd happily work through a Diploma (we're in Australia) either in a very related topic (ethics, politics, legal) or the original field.

I was planning on going to grad school, got accepted and deferred. In the meantime I got a new job, and indicated several times casually that I was planning to go (part time, online, while working). The degree was vaguely, but not directly, related and is not required for the job; however my anticipated attendance was on my resume. My work was not going to pay for it, although they might have chipped in a little.

Mostly I just don't want to pay for or study so intensively something I apparently don't need and is unlikely to lead where I want it to. The original field was library science: there are no jobs and doubly don't want to pay for it, as I am happy at my job and salary level. I feel terrible... like a total liar - although I was completely genuine and only decided it wouldn't be a wise investment quite recently (when staring down the loans!). Help!

(Sidenote: I'm American living overseas: these would definitely be American Student Loans. I can get an AA online from a US community college and have it recognized as an Australian Diploma by the Australian Libraries Association for virtually free; Diplomas ARE a recognized degree here, esp in addition to a BA, and once you're already working. Also game to study something else...)
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If being enrolled was not an agreed condition of employment, my approach would be to say nothing.

I've often hired individuals who were pursuing degrees that were related to their jobs. However ONLY when I had a specific WRITTEN agreement that stated they were being hired with the understanding they would continue/complete the degree, would it be a deal breaker in terms of employment.

Things change....

(note: I was a US employer)
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As long as going to grad school wasn't a condition of your being hired, just as you casually mentioned that you were going, you can casually mention you've decided against it.

If your boss doesn't bring it up, don't bother doing so yourself.

Let the whole thing drop. If by some weird chance you're asked about it, just say, "You know, I was all set to go, but then I decided to put it off for a while. I really like working here and school's not going anywhere."
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"You know, boss, I had been planning to go to grad school in Library Science, but since I took the job here I found I enjoy the field so much I changed my mind about that and would prefer to do [program] in [more clearly related field], which I think would be helpful to the company [because of reasons] and for my own professional development. Since I had told you I was going to grad school, I just wanted to let you know that my plans have since changed."
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I doubt your employer would really care at all. I"d just let it go. If someone asks just tell them the truth: Its expensive and doesn't really seem useful or relevant now that you are working.
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I was completely genuine and only decided it wouldn't be a wise investment quite recently

There you are. You did not lie. You meant it when you said it, so you have nothing to feel bad about as far as your employment goes. Your employer didn't write it into your contract so apparently it was not all that important to them, so don't even mention it. I'm sure they would be surprised that you're stressing out over it. You're fine.
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Response by poster: That's what I thought...thanks everyone! Definitely not in my contact, and my boss is a very good and reasonable manager.
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