What's this little creature found in my pond?
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I saw this little critter swimming around in my outdoor goldfish pond. It's maybe a little over 1/8" in diameter, seems to paddle around carelessly with feet/paddles on its underside. It's kind of flat, roundish and transparent, except for some spidery markings/innards. Seems to have a hint of a tail, and a couple eye-like spots. A search for baby crawfish turns up nothing quite like this. Mysterious how he got in the pond in the first place.
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Best answer: He travelled in on a fish - I think that is a fish louse. They are kind of cute, I always think.
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I thought the little guy in your photo was awwww so cuuuuuute too but I googled fish louse after seeing Kaleidoscope's answer and OH MY GOD NO NO NO
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Best answer: There are products you can add to your pond to get rid of any remaining fish lice, which you want to do because as cute as they are, the lice are physically damaging your fish as well as a disease vector.
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Response by poster: You folks got it. Thanks!
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Almost wish I hadn't checked the answers. I was looking at the pictures, thinking, "Awww, I hope he put it back in the water".
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threeants - worst thing i've ever seen!
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Now that I've seen google, I don't like it any more :-(
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