Is it safe to take a Multivitamin, Flax-seed Oil, Garden Veggies...
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Is it safe to take the following supplements every day during big meals? Nature's Way 'Alive! Multivitamin' Flaxseed Oil Capsules (1000mg) Garden Veggies (Nature's Way) Milk Thistle and Hawthorne Berries Capsules Thanks!
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They all sound fine to me, but I'm just a random person on the internets and am not medically trained. If you're concerned about the safety of these supplements, check in with your doctor.
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Make a doctor's appointment for a nutritional screening to see if you even need these kinds of supplements. Once you get the results, that will be a good opportunity to ask your doctor about what, if anything, you should be taking.
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I am not your doctor or a nutritionist, but have taken many supplements over the years and those should all be fine in terms of safety. In terms of usefulness for a particular condition, however, you might also be interested in this site which is a neat interface and also has links to the scientific evidence for the efficacy of various supplements for various treatments. Some things are in there multiple times, for example garlic not so helpful for cancer but good for blood pressure.
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What the other posters are saying is no one here can adequately answer this question for you. Nutritional supplements are great if you need them, and if the brand you choose is good quality. Are you asking are these quality brands of supplements to take, or are they safe/ good for you? Ask Metafilter can answer the former, but not the latter question.
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during periods of large meals, especially if there is fresh food and varity in those meals, all you're doing with the supplementation is create expensive urine. That is, anything you're body doesn't use it will get rid of.

You seem to be concerned perhaps that something might build up in your system?

None of the supplements you name do that. Does that help?

As for supplements and build up the only thing I worry about is taking multivits, esp A, tablets when eating polar bear liver, i kid you not!
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Here's a reputable resource on herbs and supplements from Sloan-Kettering:
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