Sleep in Virginia Beach, play in Hartford, Conn
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Florida to New England road trip,

Rambling Road trip from Florida to New England, requesting reccommendations for: Motel/hotel in Virginia Beach, waterfront, without breaking the bank nor bunking in a dump, for 2 adult singles, not sharing bed.
Also stage play or dinner theatre in Hartford, Conn area May 7 - 10. Thanks
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Yale Rep in New Haven has In a Year with 13 Moons playing during that time.
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Hi. Tidewater Area resident here. There are a bagillion million hotels at the Oceanfront. Are you only staying one night? You're asking for waterfront, so do you plan on swimming? Doing other things? Or do you just need a bed, and figure a nice walk along the beach might fit in there somewhere?

Either way, I'm going to let you in on a little secret, if you promise not to tell anyone (yes I realize the irony of the statement). All the beaches are free for use, with public access. You might be going "Okay?" But here's the thing: the Oceanfront, and it's boardwalk, along with all the shops and hotels and touristy things only cover some of the shoreline. Towards the north end, near First Landing state park (which is a great place to hike/walk), it's all residential roads and such. So you just park your car on a street, and walk down the dead end until you hit the mini boardwalk that runs in between two people's yard, and ta da! The ocean. The beach there is much, much less crowded. These roads run around 55this-78thish street, with 74th being my favorite mini boardwalk.

So, yeah. This is no way answers your question. But the thing is, Va Beach is a tourist destination, so just google some places around where you want to stay. Most of the hotels are chains, and so have consisten quality with other locations of the same chain.
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Hate to tell you this, but you're coming at kind of a crappy time for theatre in Hartford. The city has two resident theatre companies, Hartford Stage and TheaterWorks. Unfortunately, they are both between shows at the time that you'll be passing through, as is The Bushnell, which hosts touring shows. Colleges are breaking for the summer so you're not likely to get college theater at that point either.

Your best hope may be the Charter Oak Cultural Center, which is running Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun on May 9 and 10. I don't know anything about the theatre company that's doing it, but Charter Oak is a beautiful venue (formerly a synagogue) and any programming I've seen there is usually good. It's also near some good restaurants downtown--if you're there around lunchtime you MUST go to Max Bibo's right down the street. If you want to venture a little farther afield (but still in the downtown) for dinner, I'd recommend Black-Eyed Sally's, The Russell, or Trumbull Kitchen.

Another possibility is one of the better community theatre groups in the area, the Hole in the Wall Theatre in New Britain, CT (maybe 20 minutes out of Hartford). They are doing Wendy McLeod's The House of Yes in May--the only date you could go would be May 10th.
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Oh, just found out about this show today from the HartBeat Ensemble, which runs through May 18th. Again, can't speak from experience about the company, but the commitment to original, socially conscious work looks interesting.
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