I can't think in this place!
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Help me drown out the world.

Where can I find quality MP3s (or other) of nature sounds, running water, birds, etc, that I can listen to at my desk? Preferrably the recordings would be ten or more minutes long, I don't want to loop a 12 second clip over and over again.

Related question, what do you listen to at work to relax and drown out everyone else? I have the brainwave generator software, but it is not the most pleasant thing to listen to. All suggestions welcome.
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Give Aire Freshener a try. I love it.
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I like the quiet american a lot.
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I like fairly trancey, chillout electronica for this purpose. All-time favorite is a band called B12. They just blend right into the mental background.

I have a CD called 'Frog Chorus' that has a couple 20 minute recordings of frogs in a swamp. Their croakings merge into a peaceful drone.
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Atmosphere Lite is a free program that lets you create your own nature soundscapes.
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Oooo. Sleep Machines is very good.
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I use these ear defenders which I find very comfortable to wear. Even when people are talking nearby the defenders cut out enough high frequencies that it sounds like a murmur more than distinct words. Ear plugs cut out slightly more noise but for me are a lot less convenient.

If you wear ear plugs at the same time you can chill out listening to your heartbeat!
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I would buy this ocean sounds cd, rip to mp3 at a high bit rate and go with that.
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While not the ocean, Babble may interest you.
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if you like ambient stuff, sleepbot.com may be of interest to you.
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I'll second Sleepbot. It's been consistently good and free for years now.
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Start listening to microsound musicians.

Link goes to a mailing list about the genre.
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Open a window.
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bumping... if anyone knows of a Mac equivalent to Atmosphere Lite please let me know - they're developing one for OSX, but if anyone knows any in the meantime, let me know.
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