Is there a 2-in-1 charger/aux cable for mini-USB phones?
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My wife wants to switch from her iPhone to either a Windows Phone or Android device, but one sticking point she has is the ability to use a single, charger/aux cable in her car. Right now she has a cable that charges her iPhone while also being able to connect to her stereo via auxiliary cable. I think it's a Kensington product. It has three connectors built into one cable. She prefers this over having two separate cables to manage. I need one with a mini-USB connector rather than the iPhone connector. So far, I can't seem to find such a creature, if indeed it even exists. My Google-fu is weak, I suppose.
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What you want is a Bluetooth audio receiver. Then you don't use a cable to get the audio into the stereo. Actually, get her a phone that has wireless charging (and a car mount for it) and she won't need a cable for that, either.
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I don't have any specific advice for you, but make sure you're looking for micro-USB, not mini-USB. It would be very unusual if the phone were mini-USB.
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I think it depends on the phone. For example, if you have a Galaxy S2 or S3, you can use this cable to plug the micro-USB into your Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3, the USB into a USB car charger, and the 3.5mm jack into the car's AUX input. But the cable doesn't work, for example, with a Nexus 4.
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I don't understand the question. She wants one cable to do two separate things? Even if this did exist, it would effectively be two cables stuck together?

Why not just buy any 3.5mm audio cable and any micro-USB charging cable and attach them to each other with your method of choice?
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We were in the exact same spot - my wife switching from iPhone to Android and having to give up the 2-in-1 charge/audio cable. We replaced it with this:

...and a dock with a power jack in it, and no more cables to manage.
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