What is a good credit card for a band (or a small LLC) ?
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We're looking to obtain the best credit card possible for a 5 person band with minimal expenses and income. We're an LLC incorporated in NYC. Band expenses typically include food, gas, merch supplies (shirts, blank CDs etc) and the occasional cash withdrawals, but the big anticipated purchase is a van (used -- no more than $5k). Suggestions for checking accounts also welcome...
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this guy is awesome.

The Chase Rewards program is the best out there.

If you don't qualify for a business card, try for the Sapphire Preferred... the benefits are very good and you earn points on things a band spends money on (gas, food, lodging).
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You're doing it backwards. Open a checking account for the LLC and the bank will give you a credit card and a debit card in the business name. That's what I did.
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