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Help me find (not rain) boots for a rainy, not terribly cold climate. Bonus difficulty level: in South Africa!

I moved to Cape Town, South Africa and have recently learned that it is super wet here in the fall/winter. I am now in need of some boots. I'm happy to order them and have them shipped (provided the shipping isn't half again the cost), but I'd like to be able to try them on if possible.

Criteria for boots:
1. Waterproof or at least capable of being in rain/water for long periods of time (I walk about a 1 km to school and back and then another stomp around campus). It doesn't get super cold here, so I don't need fur-lined, etc.
2. I have wide calves, so while I love a high boot, they usually don't fit super well (hence the trying on part).
3. I'd like something nice to wear with jeans and if, possible, also dresses/skirts. Black or chestnut would be good colors. Turd brown is not as versatile.
4. I'm willing to pay for good quality boots that I can take home. I could pay up to $150 or even $200 for a really nice pair. On the other hand, if I am only going to wear them for a year and then ditch them for suitcase space in January, then I'd like to get something quite cheap (under $50, maybe even under $30).
5. Heel height isn't an issue -- maybe under a couple inches if possible.

Any ideas? Help me keep from either ruining my suede boots from home or else wearing my hiking boots everywhere!
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When my sister and I moved to Boston (two years ago) we both bought Hunters. They are amazing. Now we both wear them all the time whenever it's going to be wet, muddy, snowy, etc. I wear them fishing so I can walk right into the water. She has wide calves too and bought the Huntress Wide Calf. They could use a little support so I bought some inserts. It looks like Zappos does not ship internationally, but a lot of places sell Hunters.
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I have these merrell tetra strap boots in black and loooove them. Waterproof, cute, insanely comfortable to walk in. Highly recommend-I'm in Oregon-not super cold but very rainy, and wear them all winter and spring long.
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