Help I'm stuck inside a computer!
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Looking to learn the name of a BBC Micro (?) game where you went inside a computer and solved various puzzles to free (?) the computer from bugs or aliens.

The game imagery was very "microchips and copper tracks" heavy, and I think you could select a new puzzle by choosing one chip or another. The game screen was mostly black, blue, and red. I recall that at about six to eight years old some of the puzzles were above me, so I think the target players would be more 11 to 12.

I must have played this game some time between 1988 and 1992, if that helps. Also, I think it was clearly meant to be educational first with game elements added, not the other way around.

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was it chip buster? it looks pretty close to what you're describing.
posted by koroshiya at 3:45 PM on April 17, 2013

Response by poster: No, sadly that's not it. It was more puzzle than action.
posted by Jehan at 3:54 PM on April 17, 2013

It's not Robot Odyssey, is it?
posted by EatenByAGrue at 4:57 PM on April 17, 2013

Even if Robot Odyssey isn't it, try it anyway. It taught me logic gates. Never did beat the sonic lock, though.
posted by Sunburnt at 6:54 PM on April 17, 2013

A longshot (not BBC Micro) but maybe 3 in three?
posted by SpiffyRob at 6:54 AM on April 18, 2013

For Apple systems, there was "Short Circuit", but it doesn't quite match your memories.
posted by k5.user at 8:16 AM on April 18, 2013

Response by poster: No, it is none of them. But thank you anyway.
posted by Jehan at 6:15 PM on April 18, 2013

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