Hole punched letters?
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Hello all, I'm looking for the name of the tool that would be used to punch letters into paper.

Example 1
Example 2

I've mainly seen these in library books, but have also seen them with passports.

Passport Example

In the end, I would like to have one of these made for a client I'm working with, but I'm having difficulty locating this tool. I've checked library supply websites, but nothing so far. Any help? Thanks.

PS—Manually doing so with a single hole punch is not an option.
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Like this, right?
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Google "stencil cutter". Enjoy.
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Best answer: Perfin.
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Response by poster: Looks like Perfin is the correct term, although I'm not finding who makes them these days. Perplexity, yes, similar tool to what I am looking for, but was hoping for the dotted typeface. It looks like Colophon type foundry produced a typeface called Perfin, but I'm looking for the real deal.
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Best answer: Try looking for a perforating machine. I'm not sure if single use ones are still made- a major manufacturer of multi purpose machines seems to be Pernuma.
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Die cutting would do this for you. Depending on the project you might need to have someone do this for you and then later insert/collate the pages/sheets/whatever back into your project or you could possibly get the die made and use one of the home die cutting machine that crafters use.
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I can think of a few ways you could make one if you were so inclined. Depending on how complex your design needs to be and how much use and abuse the punch would need to take and how much work you want to put into making one. I really want to make one for myself now.
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Text perforator
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