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I'm finishing up an album, and have some ideas for the album art, but could use some suggestions. Details inside.

I've been working on an album of music (somewhat geek inspired hard rock with some orchestral elements, a few of the songs are a little funny, but it's not a comedy album), and it's time to start making the cover art. Knowing what a creative bunch of people are on the green, I thought there might be someone (or several people) who might have a few ideas and be interested in helping me out.

The title of the album is "The Evil Machine Is Broken". I've got most of it available to listen to on my website, which is easily found by searching my user name, but it's basically hard rock, somewhat geeky, a little funny, a little sad, with some orchestral elements. Songs inspired or about books like American Gods, the Time Machine, Watchmen, Sandman, as well as TV/Films like Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse.

So, with that in mind, I'm trying to come up with something that is a little geeky and a little funny for the cover. I'd like the design to be simple enough to make a T-shirt with the art on it. Something in white on a black background, or similar.

The idea I'm kicking around right now is to have a set of nesting dolls that have robot faces painted on them Inspired by these which are awesome. I was thinking there would be 4 dolls total, standing in line next to each other, but some how one of the dolls is doing something to destroy his neighbor.

Anyways, I like this idea somewhat, but I'm not sure where to go next with it. So, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Knowing that people deserve to be paid for their work (and that I don't have any budget to hire a graphic designer), I'll happily send a copy of the record (with a special thanks in the liner notes and a credit for the art work) along with a T-shirt to whoever helps me with the final idea. Unfortunately I can't offer more than that right now.

So, anyone want to give me some suggestions? I'm also open to going in a whole different direction, if someone has a fantastic idea inspired by the title and genre of the music.
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site link 'cos I'm lazy.
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heroic toy robot with toy hammer in hand bent over the shattered and charred remains of an iPod
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this is a cool photo. I think I'll just leave it here.
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You should put this up on MeFi jobs!

Also, why not take a minute to scour places like Etsy and DeviantArt for photographers/illustrators you like, and contact them directly?
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The obvious thing to do is go after a sci-fi and/or authoritarian definition of "evil machine", but what if the machine was literally one of the simple machines, broken?

A flat tire
A cross-threaded or head-stripped screw
An axe with a broken handle
A teeter-totter, shattered at the fulcrum
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Something like this for the seesaw idea above.
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When I read the title of the album, what popped into my head was one of those really cute, sweet, small robots. And maybe its little claw-hand has fallen off, or his head antenna is bent and dangling. Something absolutely adorable that no one would ever look at and call evil. Maybe a kid in a cardboard box robot costume.
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Fallen and can't get up?
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