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Good eats in Washington-Dulles/VA/WV area? See specifics inside.

We’re flying into Washington-Dulles on Thursday evening, and then driving to West Virginia on Friday morning. Here is the sort of general route. Is there any must-stop food on that route? It doesn't have to be right off the freeway, but it shouldn't be more than about 20 minutes out of the way.

Bonus points for cool coffee shops, great brunch, or veg-friendly places.

That’s it—hopefully this is an easy one!
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I love going to the Apple House in Linden, VA for apple cinnamon doughnuts. It's exit 13 off 66, so 45 mins to an hour from when you leave in the morning depending on where you stay Thursday night.
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If you like spicy breakfast, there's Anita's in Chantilly or Herndon that will be close by before you hit the road. Really good New Mexico style food, and they do American or New Mexico style breakfast.
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Lots of great Indian places in Herndon.
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Best answer: I have never been, but many friends have recommended Cristina's Cafe in Strasburg, VA.

You will be passing through my town, Harrisonburg, VA!

Coffee shops:

The Artful Dodger


The Little Grill

Blue Nile (Ethiopian)-great lunch buffet

Some vegetarian options :

Clementine Cafe

Union Station

Burgers & Wings (nothing vegetarian to speak of, unless you count fries)-these are two of our favorite places to go in town:

Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint - Jack Brown's is very tiny, but if the weather is nice the patio may be open.

Billy Jack's Wing and Draft Shack

All of the above restaurants are "downtown" near the court square area. I love all of them and hope that you decide to take your lunch break in Harrisonburg!

On preview, I see someone else mentioned Dave's. Great views of downtown from the rooftop deck and good food.
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My favorite place in Harrisonburg with veg options is Dave's Taverna.
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Buffalo wing factory (sterling or Reston)
Minerva (Herndon)
Sweetwater Tavern (sterling, somewhat more upscale)
Russia house (Herndon, rather fancy, super nice owners)
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Looks like you're passing through Staunton, so Wright's Dairy-Rite! It's a 50's diner that is literally from the 50's, but the food quality is very high for a diner. It's sort of a neighborhood institution. (Also: Staunton is pronounced "Stanton". Don't ask me why.)
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I've been to Cristina's Cafe in Strasburg, and it's good, but not really worth an extra stop. Better is the Hi Neighbor diner across the street, in my opinion. If it were me, I'd take 29 instead of (most of) 81, and go to Pig 'n' Steak in Madison.
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If you are hungry shortly after landing, I'd suggest Lotus Vegetarian or TurCuisine. If the latter, have a "Dreaming Istanbul" for me.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! We ended up stopping at Cristina's Cafe and it was super good!
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