best iphone scanner apps?
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I have a lot of vintage paper. Photo albums, fashion magazines, random ephemera-- and a lot of it can't go in a flatbed scanner. I found an iPhone app called SmartScan that lets me photograph pages and corrects for tilt, but the resulting scans aren't as high-quality as my iPhone 5 is capable of. There are a ton of scanner apps out there, but I want the one that lets you capture the highest-res images. Any recommendations?
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I've been pretty happy with Genius Scan.
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Adding another vote for Genius Scan--it has great support for dropbox/skydrive and has good customization. That said, if you're looking to take the highest quality photos that your iphone is capable of (whatever that means), you might be stuck with the default camera app or something like camera+.
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When I last looked at the offerings last year, I settled n CamScanner+

I think though that pretty much every app I tried took full res photos, or at least had an option to. The processing to remove distortion and other issues degrades quality.
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I use JotNot Pro.
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I find Scanner Pro by Readdle to be the highest quality of the 5 or 6 apps I've tried. The tilt correction is great. It's $7, scans to PDF, and supports exporting through email, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Evernote.

There's a free version called Scanner Mini, but the only way you can get your PDFs out is by using a USB cable through iTunes.
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(Side note: Just discovered that the free version, Scanner Mini, can also serve up PDFs over Wi-Fi. The settings screen of the app shows your phone's IP address. Enter that address into your computer's web browser and pow, download PDFs over the air. Lots easier than going through USB.)
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Seconding JotNot Pro.
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I really like Turboscan. It's a bit of a dated interface, and doesn't sync with drop box... BUT it is quick and high quality, and has a neat "surescan 3x" mode, where you take a picture three times and it combines them for maximal sharpness. Lets you dump into PDF and email it out.
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