I give up. What is the name of this Japanese movie?
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I once watched a Japanese movie on a flight but can't for the life of me remember its name. It is about a mysterious Chinese investor trying a hostile takeover of a large Japanese car maker. A retired legend of the Japanese car industry is brought back from retirement to try and save the company from being sold to the Chinese dude.
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was it a recent flight? you can sometimes look up the entertainment choices on the websites of the in flight magazines for that airline. for instance, united's is here (pdf file) for april 2013, so your airline may do the same thing.
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Response by poster: @koroshiya unfortunately not. it was in 2009.
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Best answer: Was it "The Vulture", also known as "Hagetaka - The Movie"?

I haven't seen it myself; I found it via a Google search. (If you're interested: 2008 OR 2009 movie "car company" Japan China - it turned up near the top of page 2 of the results.)
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Response by poster: @ManyLeggedCreature

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