A trip to Hamburg and Berlin
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Our family is heading to Hamburg and Berlin. What should we see?

I'm interested in things that aren't necessarily top of the list in guidebooks; I can look up tourism websites to find out where the major landmarks are, etc. I'm thinking more of street markets, interesting architecture, neighborhoods to walk around in, or things that might interest a 4 year old.
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Best answer: Did you say 4 year old? Miniatur Wunderland is a must.

ProTip: Call or visit their website a day ahead and book an entry time. That makes the visit a lot smoother.
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Best answer: The Mauerpark in Berlin, for sure. There are swings and a great flea market on Sundays.
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Best answer: There's a mini-farm in a neighborhood called Kreuzberg that was created specifically for kids. It's called the Kinderbauernhof, which means kids' farm. The address is: Wiener Str. 59b, 10999 Berlin, so you can find it on a map. Here's the website. It's all in German, naturally, but I linked (hopefully correctly) to the photo page.
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Best answer: I'm not sure how long you've got for your trip or what time of year you're going? If its the summer and you have the time, a day trip on the hydrofoil from Hamburg to the island of Heligoland will be a pretty unique experience - spent a few days there last year and it was awesome. I'd also recommend the International Maritime Museum, which is enormous and really interesting, but your guide book probably says that.
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Response by poster: Well, we managed three out of four suggestions. Minatur Wunderland was, I think, the highlight of the trip for the 4 year old, although the Kinderbauernhof was a close second. Heligoland looked really neat but we didn't make it there, unfortunately...
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Glad you had a great time. My son was obsessed with the airport (as was I). I could have spent an entire weekend in just that place alone.
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